Who Are the Babe City Rollers?

Team February 2016

Babe City Rollers were founded in 2009 by amazing local women who wanted to share the power and athleticism of flat track roller derby with Bemidji. Since then we have brought the strength of Babe the Blue Ox to the track in competitions near and far. We are a 501C3 charitable organization and we have been proud members of the Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) since 2011.


We are part of the fastest growing sport in the US. We are run by and for the skaters, locally and internationally. The Babe City Rollers and the WFTDA are both democratically run organizations, actively shaping the future of our sport.

We welcome participants reflecting the rich diversity of our area and affirm the "WFTDA Statement About Gender". We provide access to roller derby for all community members as fans, skaters, volunteers, and referees. We are committed to exceptional athleticism and active community involvement.

What are we going to do? KICK SOME AXE!

From the time that Babe City Rollers won a game at the 2010 Rolling Along the River tournament with only 5 players on our roster to the time in 2015 that we brought only 7 skaters to the Rumble in the Valley tournament and still took home the 1st place trophy, BCR has shown that TINY can still be MIGHTY. We may not have a million residents in our area or even 20 people on our roster, but we have the indomitable spirit that typifies our region. We are Babe City Rollers: Fierce. Fun. Family.

We play by rules governed by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, which oversees the sport internationally.

Babe City Rollers is a nonprofit, charitable sports organization that empowers women as athletes and leaders. We look forward to skating with YOU!