Babe City Rollers Roller Derby, Bemidji Minnesota

BIG NEWS! We have a regular practice venue and hope to schedule future bouts at the Bemidji Curling Club

Watch for more bouts to be scheduled or join the team!

New Skater Summer Recruitment Party   Recruitment Party

  • Tuesday, June 2, 6-8pm
  • Bemidji Curling Club
  • 1230 23rd St NW, Bemidji, Minnesota 56601

Are you looking for more excitement in your life? More camaraderie? More fitness? More thrills? More spills? Well then Babe City Rollers wants YOU to join roller derby!

Have a lot of experience in hockey, roller blading, figure skating or other sports? Excellent! Have no athletic background at all? That's fine too!

Here's what you need to know:
BCR New Skater Summer begins with an informational meeting Tuesday, June 2, 6:00-8:00pm at the Bemidji Curling Club. Training will then take place Tuesday and Thursday evenings through mid-July. This is a special opportunity to receive one-on-one mentorship with veteran skaters who can take you from basic skills all the way to contact play, while teaching you the rules of the game. This opportunity is free, but there are only 12 spots available and pre-registration is requested. To register, email or just message Babe City Rollers on Facebook and we'll get you all signed up.

Flat track roller derby is the fastest growing women's sport in the world. And the Babe City Rollers can teach people with no previous experience, as well as experienced athletes, everything you need to know to be successful on the track. That's not all, we'll even lend you the necessary equipment as you learn, so you can be sure that roller derby is a fit for you!

Most importantly, the Babe City Rollers wants you to join some of the toughest, scrappiest women around as we live by the motto, Babe City Rollers: Fierce. Fun. Family.

Babe City Rollers is a nonprofit, charitable sports organization that empowers women as athletes and leaders. We look forward to skating with YOU!


Babe Wear

Team Spirit!

Available at Home Events and Outerworld and the Cabin Coffeehouse both in downtown Bemidji

No online sales, yet...

How do I watch a Derby Bout?

Be Your Own Hero!   Facebook Recruitment page   You Tube

Interested skaters, refs & volunteers welcome!

Derby Training Sessions with the Babe City Rollers

  • Check the schedule or give us a call
  • Regular Practice
  • NEW Update April 2015:
    We are now having regular practices
    Tuesday and Thursday 6-8pm
    Bemidji Curling Club
    230 23rd Street Northwest - Bemidji, MN 56601

Interested skaters, refs & volunteers welcome! No experience necessary.
Trainings are FREE and open to anyone 18+.

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